The 10 Most Expensive Universities In The U.S.

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The 10 Most Expensive Universities In The U.S.

10) Scripps College – Claremont

Scripps College in Claremont has a total fee of $61,940. Scripps College is a liberal arts college for women and was founded in 1926 by Ellen Browning Scripps. Ellen Browning Scripps was a renowned philanthropist and a prominent personality in education. He also played an important role in promoting women’s rights.

The U.S. News & World Report listed Scripps as the most selective college in the U.S. in its 2015 annual ranking. It also placed Scripps at number 3rd for the best women’s college and number 24 for the best liberal arts college in the nation.

9) Dartmouth College – New Hampshire

This private Ivy League research university located in Hanover, New Hampshire, is one of the most expensive colleges in the U.S. Dartmouth College has a massive cost of $61,947.

This college includes a liberal arts college, the Thayer School of Engineering, the Geisel School of Medicine, and the Tuck School of Business, including 19 other graduate programs in the fields of arts and sciences.

8) Bard College – New York

This private liberal arts college was initially named St. Stephen’s College and was founded in 1860. Bard College offers over 20 graduate programs in the fields of arts and sciences. This college has a total cost of $62,012, which makes it a part of this most expensive universities list.

Bard College also hosts two notable annual arts festivals; Bard SummerScape and the Bard Music Festival. The college has over 35 affiliated programs, centers, and institutes that are spanning over twelve cities, five states, seven countries, and four continents.

7) Fordham University, Lincoln Center – New York

Initially known as St. John’s College, the Fordham University was founded by the Catholic Diocese of New York in 1841. It is a private non-profit research university that has a total cost of $62,192 and lists amongst the most expensive schools in America.

Fordham University at Lincoln Center offers an array of master’s and doctoral degrees among the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. The U.S. News and World Report ranked Fordham 66th in the best national universities list in its 2016 edition.

6) Claremont McKenna College – California

Founded in 1946, Claremont McKenna College (CMU) is an independent and liberal arts college that is most popular for its emphasis on politics, economics, and public affairs. CMU ranks among the most expensive colleges in the U.S. with a total fee of $62,215.

CMU is ranked the 18th best college in the U.S. by Forbes and 8th with Carleton and Haverford for the best liberal arts colleges by U.S. News & World Report. CMU is also ranked the 6th-best liberal arts college and the 3rd-best college in the West in the 2015 rankings of Forbes.

5) University Of Chicago – Chicago

The University of Chicago, a private research university, was established in 1890. This college is considered the world’s most prestigious and influential college for higher education. The University of Chicago has also won many top ten positions in several rankings. The school’s total cost is a hefty $62,458.

The University of Chicago’s physics department was the first to create a man-made, self-sustaining nuclear reaction beneath the university’s Stagg Field. The university is also known for having the most prominent alumni with 89 Nobel laureates, 49 Rhodes Scholars, 21 Marshall Scholars, 13 National Humanities Medalists, 9 Fields Medalists, and several members of the United States Congress.

4) Columbia University – New York

Located in Upper Manhattan in New York City, Columbia University is a private, Ivy League, research university which was established in 1754. Initially, the university was named King’s College by the royal charter of George II of Great Britain. This chartered institution of higher learning is the oldest university in New York State.

Columbia University is the first college in the United States to grant an M.D. degree. Columbia University has some of the most notable alumni students including nine Justices of the United States Supreme Court, 20 living billionaires, 29 Academy Award winners, five Founding Fathers of the United States, and 29 heads of state, including three United States Presidents. The total cost of this renowned and highly qualified school is $63,440.

3) New York University – New York

Considered one of the largest non-profit institutions of higher education in America, NYU is also the most expensive university in the U.S. NYU is also among a few of America’s universities that have been honored with several awards and titles.

The university students have earned numerous awards including Abel Prize, National Medals for Science, Arts and Humanities, and Technology and Innovation, Nobel Prize, Fields Medal, Academy Award, Tony Award, Turing Award, Russ Prize, Pulitzer Prize, Gordon Prize, Grammy, and Emmy. The total cost of studying at NYU is $65, 860, making it one of the most expensive universities in the U.S.

2) Harvey Mudd College – California

Founded in 1955, Harvey Mudd College is a private residential liberal arts college of engineering, science, and mathematics. This higher education college is named after Harvey Seeley Mudd, who was one of the first investors in the Cyprus Mines Corporation. But before he could start this college, he died and his friends and family opened the college and named it Harvey Mudd College in his honor.

Harvey Mudd College is also among those other higher education institutions that are quite expensive. The college’s total cost is $64,427.

1) Sarah Lawrence College – New York

This private liberal arts college in New York is one of the most expensive universities in the U.S. Located in the city of Yonkers, this college is quite popular for its low student-to-faculty ratio, high educational standards, and highly professional study environment.

In 2013, Princeton Review named Sarah Lawrence College the higher education institution with the most qualified faculty in America. The college is also ranked 57th by U.S. News & World Report in the National Liberal Arts category. The college’s total cost reached $65,630 including tuition and stay.