Can Sunlight Reverse the Process of Aging?

Image by Sabine van Erp from Pixabay

Can Sunlight Reverse the Process of Aging?

It was believed that the morning rays of the sun bring good effects on the skin if you will stay even for 30 minutes under direct sunlight. However, because of the scientific studies that say that the ozone layer have depleted continuously and the rays of the sun can cause cancerous cells to mutate inside the body, everyone is afraid of it automatically without asking any questions. Although, they cannot be blamed if they will just have to be sure in keeping their healthy. But they are just missing the whole point.

The natural morning sunlight is still best for the skin to have younger-looking appearance. There are natural vitamins which can be gotten from those rays which are also needed for the development of the skin especially for the regeneration of new skin cells. In fact, medical practitioners are encouraging those who have pale skin to stay under the sun in the morning to nourish their skin. Well, there are just so many reasons and steps how to have a younger-looking skin, but knowing the types of skin aging would help you choose the best way to reverse it.

There are only two types of skin aging:

1.Photo-aging—it is caused by too much exposure to the heat of the sun. Photo literally means “light” but it is mainly referred to the heat of the sun when it reaches its zenith at high noon. Exposure to the sun is good but not to the extent of scorching your skin like staying under the sunlight for a very long time.

2.Chronological Aging—this is the natural aging of the skin. Chronological simply means that the skin ages because it has to be and it is just about time to manifest the signs of aging. However, such process can be suppressed as well as reversed when the skin is well-nourished. That is where anti-aging creams enter.

It is to be noted that most of the anti aging creams will simply mask the appearance of the skin to make it look younger from the outside. However, the outside cannot be stopped from aging. That is why, whatever you do, and whatever creams you apply to your skin, there will always come a time that you cannot do something about your skin. Therefore, it is an imperative to care for your skin while it is still young so that you can prevent further deterioration when the time comes.